Hi folks! I am Abraham.

UI/UX designer at day

superhero at night shhh it’s secret

I am your friendly neighbour Spiderman who loves working on design trying to improve products used by anyone not just by making things nice but understanding the user's needs. Since finishing my graphic design studies in 2009 I have worked for companies like Local Heroes, American Express, The Cake app, reed.co.uk... acquiring experience in Fintech, startups, job seekers, enterprise, bookings… enough for now.

My work


#desktop #mobile #dashboard #b2b

The works to create a place for tradespeople to find local jobs, manage them and get paid with ease through the understanding of their needs.


#desktop #bookings #hospitality

Creation of a platform that would free AmEx concierge team of unnecessary work to get customer’s requests done all around the world.


#iOS #Android #desktop #hospitality #payments

The opportunity to create a hassle free interaction with restaurant payments while keeping users engaged with the product and the restaurants.


#iOS #Android #jobseekers

The team’s work on developing a different experience to finding a new job.

Abraham Guerra @ 2020