Local Heroes (Centrica/British gas)

Timeline: Jan 2019 - Jan 2020     |     Role: Product Designer     |     Team: b2b side of project



Traders sometimes struggle to find quality jobs, encounter many time wasters or want to fill the gaps in their agendas. That's where Local Heroes comes into place to make that process as simple as possible with Toolbox (a dedicated platform for engineers to find jobs raised by customers through the website with the ability to quote, invoice and get paid through LH).



At the time I joined the team, Toolbox (as good as it was) was in its early version and not all the stages of the process from getting to completing/closing a job were fully integrated in the current PWA creating a confusing and slower experience.

Other missing points were: more information from raised jobs to better quoting those, customer opinion of a finished job, trader-LocalHeroes performance overviews...



As part of the team we tried to group every interaction, step, communication... the user has to take into the powerful app that Toolbox has become.

Creating Job Flows, the smoothest flow possible to find the right job, create quote & invoice and close that job. The job view would present enough information in some cases to create a quote right away or the tradesperson can get in contact with the customer to know more before visiting the house. The user gets notified everytime there is a change of state for any job.

Sometimes the tradesperson needs to cancel a job leaving the customer with unresolved issues so we brought up the ability to give that job back to other people that might be able to finish it.

Also bringing the communication between the tradesperson and the customer into it, in an effort to avoid customers not taking calls or miscommunication,... making the process more efficient for both parts.


Some parts of Job flows, from left to right: job available, job needs quote, create quote and payment requested


Current VS New dashboard

Customer's opinions were a recurring comment during trader's interviews so we brought the feedback we get from customers after each job has finished, no only to congratulate when something has been done well but also to help the trader improve towards future jobs.


Stripe's user journey


Some icons created to represent the diferent type of works

Other stuff I've worked on

Design system, email templates, Keycierge*, general ux/ui improvements for Toolbox, Stripe onboarding process for traders, rewards...

* Another team member and I brought quickly Keycierge's landing page to life together to test if it was worth developing the product.

More work can be shown upon request.

Abraham Guerra @ 2020