Timeline: Mar 2015 - Feb 2016     |     Role: Product Designer     |     Team: Mobile team


Job seeking was no one's pleasure, users spent a lot of time searching for roles, applying, sending emails... and when did that on the phone was even harder.



We tried to create an app that would be more user friendly, good to use for short periods of time like minutes or less, easier to get in contact with reed teams. Our biggest challenge was introducing a Tinder like job search interaction and seeing whether users found it less time consuming and dreary.


We gathered continuous feedback through the apps and used it to improve the product as quick and often as possible, bringing current and possible future users to validate the live app and work in development.

Wireframes for "Request feedback" and "No job results"


iOS iPAd app

The approach we took was a bit risky but we started to get good feedback from users quickly.

Abraham Guerra @ 2020